About YESS

In cooperation with local schools and community groups, YESS works to:

Volunteers are currently assisting in Cobargo, Bermagui, Narooma, Quaama, Tilba and Bega.

Tutor and student
At Cobargo Primary School, trained members are helping selected children improve their reading skills using a literacy assistance package, MULTILIT (Making Up for Lost Time in Literacy), developed by Macquarie University. Volunteers tutor children one-on-one on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings for 1½ hours.

At Bermagui Primary School, YESS volunteers are also using MULTILIT with selected students in years 1-4. Volunteers work for 1½ hours on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

At Narooma Public School a group of YESS volunteers is now delivering the MULTILIT program to selected Grade 4 students who receive one-on-one tuition, four days a week (Monday-Thursday).

At Quaama Public School a group of YESS volunteers is now delivering the MULTILIT program to selected students who receive one-on-one tuition four days a week.

At Bega Valley Public School, YESS volunteers attend for 1½ hours four days a week, using MULTILIT with selected students.

At Tilba Public School, YESS volunteers deliver the MULTILIT program for 1½ hours four days a week.

At Narooma High School, YESS volunteer tutors are assisting selected Year 7 students improve their reading skills during two hour sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday using the MULTILIT program. We have now begun to deliver the more challenging and sophisticated Extension program to students who have completed the initial MULTILIT program. By November 2012, three students had completed Multilit Extension, amongst the first in the state to do so.

At Little Yuin Pre-school, Wallaga Lake Koori Village, volunteers are helping children with pre-literacy, numeracy and other developmental activities organised by the preschool teacher. Volunteers work in the morning or afternoon sessions Monday to Wednesday.

At all these schools, YESS works under the direction of the principals and learning support teachers. The students and teachers are very pleased with the outcomes and our contribution so far.

If you’d like to join YESS or get some more details, please contact us now.

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